Sequel 3.29.0 Released

Sequel 3.29.0 was released today! Full release notes are available, but here are some highlights:

  • Oracle support has been improved greatly.
  • Support has been added for the HSQLDB and Apache Derby Java databases.
  • The db2 adapter has been improved significantly.
  • A mock adapter has been added for better testing support.
  • Many transaction related features have been added, such as after commit/rollback hooks.
  • A dataset_associations plugin has been added, allowing association methods to be called on datasets.
  • Database#extend_datasets has been added, allowing you to fully customize the datasets for a database.
  • Database#timezone has been added, so you can set Sequel.database_timezone per database.
  • Numerous optimizations have been made to speed up loading of model objects from the database.