New Blog Look

Thanks to boof, Blog II just got a new look! In case it looks a bit funky, just refresh the page.

This new design is similar to the design of Sequel’s website, which was also designed by boof. In addition to being easier to read, it also shows off example Sequel code that show the current page as well as when you hover over links. I think boof did an amazing job, and he has my sincere thanks for contributing this design. Other than designing websites for Sequel, boof also contributed Sequel’s migration support back in August of 2007.

Speaking of migration support, I pushed patches to GitHub today that rewrites Sequel’s migrator and adds a new migration DSL. There hasn’t been a lot of blog activity in the last month, but expect that to change soon, as I plan a series of blog posts on the migration refactoring, bug fixes, and new features, as well as some other blog posts showing off what’s been going on with Sequel in the last month.