class Sequel::SQL::Subscript

  1. lib/sequel/sql.rb
Superclass: GenericExpression

Represents an SQL array access, with multiple possible arguments.


Public Class

  1. new

Public Instance

  1. []
  2. expression
  3. sub
  4. |


expression [R]

The SQL array column

f [R]

The SQL array column

sub [R]

The array of subscripts to use (should be an array of numbers)

Public Class methods

new(expression, sub)

Set the array column and subscripts to the given arguments

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     # File lib/sequel/sql.rb
1808 def initialize(expression, sub)
1809   @expression = expression
1810   @sub = sub
1811   freeze
1812 end

Public Instance methods


Create a new Subscript by accessing a subarray of a multidimensional array.

Sequel[:a].sql_subscript(2) # a[2]
Sequel[:a].sql_subscript(2)[1] # a[2][1]
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     # File lib/sequel/sql.rb
1828 def [](sub)
1829, Array(sub))
1830 end

Create a new Subscript appending the given subscript(s) to the current array of subscripts.

Sequel[:a].sql_subscript(2) # a[2]
Sequel[:a].sql_subscript(2) | 1 # a[2, 1]
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     # File lib/sequel/sql.rb
1819 def |(sub)
1820, @sub + Array(sub))
1821 end