module Sequel::ServerBlock

  1. lib/sequel/extensions/server_block.rb


Public Class

  1. extended

Public Instance

  1. with_server

Public Class methods


Enable the server block on the connection pool, choosing the correct extension depending on whether the connection pool is threaded or not. Also defines the with_server method on the receiver for easy use.

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   # File lib/sequel/extensions/server_block.rb
70 def self.extended(db)
71   pool = db.pool
72   case pool.pool_type
73   when :sharded_threaded, :sharded_timed_queue
74     pool.extend(ThreadedServerBlock)
75     pool.instance_variable_set(:@default_servers, {})
76   else
77     pool.extend(UnthreadedServerBlock)
78     pool.instance_variable_set(:@default_servers, [])
79   end
80 end

Public Instance methods

with_server(default_server, read_only_server=default_server, &block)

Delegate to the connection pool

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   # File lib/sequel/extensions/server_block.rb
83 def with_server(default_server, read_only_server=default_server, &block)
84   pool.with_server(default_server, read_only_server, &block)
85 end