class Sequel::Postgres::PGRow::ArrayRow

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Superclass: DelegateClass(Array)

Class for row-valued/composite types that are treated as arrays. By default, this is only used for generic PostgreSQL record types, as registered types use HashRow by default.


Included modules

  1. Sequel::SQL::AliasMethods


db_type [RW]

The database type for this class. May be nil if this class done not have a specific database type.

db_type [W]

Sets the database type associated with this instance. This is used to override the class’s default database type.

Public Class methods


Create a subclass associated with a specific database type. This is done so that instances of this subclass are automatically casted to the database type when literalizing.

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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/pg_row.rb
114 def self.subclass(db_type)
115 do
116     @db_type = db_type
117   end
118 end

Public Instance methods


Return the instance’s database type, or the class’s database type if the instance has not overridden it.

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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/pg_row.rb
126 def db_type
127   @db_type || self.class.db_type
128 end

Wrap the PGRow::ArrayRow instance in an PGRowOp, allowing you to easily use the PostgreSQL row functions and operators with literal rows.

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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/pg_row_ops.rb
168 def op
169   Sequel.pg_row_op(self)
170 end

Allow automatic parameterization if all values support it.

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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/pg_row.rb
141 def sequel_auto_param_type(ds)
142   if db_type && all?{|v| nil == v || ds.send(:auto_param_type, v)}
143     s = << "::"
144     ds.quote_schema_table_append(s, db_type)
145     s
146   end
147 end
sql_literal_append(ds, sql)

Append SQL fragment related to this object to the sql.

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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/pg_row.rb
131 def sql_literal_append(ds, sql)
132   sql << 'ROW'
133   ds.literal_append(sql, to_a)
134   if db_type
135     sql << '::'
136     ds.quote_schema_table_append(sql, db_type)
137   end
138 end