module Sequel::Plugins::SingleTableInheritance::ClassMethods

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/single_table_inheritance.rb


sti_dataset [R]

The base dataset for STI, to which filters are added to get only the models for the specific STI subclass.

sti_key [R]

The column name holding the STI key for this model

sti_key_array [R]

Array holding keys for all subclasses of this class, used for the dataset filter in subclasses. Nil in the main class.

sti_key_chooser [R]

A proc which returns the value to use for new instances. This defaults to a lookup in the key map.

sti_key_map [R]

A hash/proc with class keys and column value values, mapping the class to a particular value given to the sti_key column. Used to set the column value when creating objects, and for the filter when retrieving objects in subclasses.

sti_model_map [R]

A hash/proc with column value keys and class values, mapping the value of the sti_key column to the appropriate class to use.

Public Instance methods


Freeze STI information when freezing model class. Note that because of how STI works, you should not freeze an STI subclass until after all subclasses of it have been created.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/single_table_inheritance.rb
158 def freeze
159   @sti_key_array.freeze if @sti_key_array
160   @sti_key_map.freeze if @sti_key_map.is_a?(Hash)
161   @sti_model_map.freeze if @sti_model_map.is_a?(Hash)
163   super
164 end

Return the sti class based on one of the keys from sti_model_map.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/single_table_inheritance.rb
173 def sti_class_from_sti_key(key)
174   sti_class(sti_model_map[key])
175 end

Return an instance of the class specified by sti_key, used by the row_proc.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/single_table_inheritance.rb
168 def sti_load(r)
169   sti_class_from_sti_key(r[sti_key]).call(r)
170 end

Make sure that all subclasses of the parent class correctly include keys for all of their descendant classes.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/single_table_inheritance.rb
179 def sti_subclass_added(key)
180   if sti_key_array
181     key_array = Array(key)
182     Sequel.synchronize{sti_key_array.push(*key_array)}
183     superclass.sti_subclass_added(key)
184   end
185 end