module Sequel::ExcludeOrNull

  1. lib/sequel/extensions/exclude_or_null.rb


Public Instance

  1. exclude_or_null
  2. exclude_or_null_having

Public Instance methods

exclude_or_null(*cond, &block)

Performs the inverse of Dataset#where, but also excludes rows where the given condition IS NULL.

DB[:items].exclude_or_null(category: 'software')
# SELECT * FROM items WHERE NOT coalesce((category = 'software'), false)

DB[:items].exclude_or_null(category: 'software', id: 3)
# SELECT * FROM items WHERE NOT coalesce(((category = 'software') AND (id = 3)), false)
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   # File lib/sequel/extensions/exclude_or_null.rb
41 def exclude_or_null(*cond, &block)
42   add_filter(:where, cond, :or_null, &block)
43 end
exclude_or_null_having(*cond, &block)

The same as exclude_or_null, but affecting the HAVING clause instead of the WHERE clause.

DB[:items].select_group(:name).exclude_or_null_having{count(name) < 2}
# SELECT name FROM items GROUP BY name HAVING NOT coalesce((count(name) < 2), true)
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   # File lib/sequel/extensions/exclude_or_null.rb
50 def exclude_or_null_having(*cond, &block)
51   add_filter(:having, cond, :or_null, &block)
52 end