class Sequel::SQL::Blob

  1. lib/sequel/sql.rb
Superclass: String

Blob is used to represent binary data in the Ruby environment that is stored as a blob type in the database. Sequel represents binary data as a Blob object because most database engines require binary data to be escaped differently than regular strings.


Public Instance

  1. inspect
  2. lit
  3. to_sequel_blob

Public Instance methods

inspect ()

Return a string showing that this is a blob, the size, and the some or all of the content, depending on the size.

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# File lib/sequel/sql.rb, line 1023
def inspect
  size = length

  content = if size > 20
    "start=#{self[0...10].to_s.inspect} end=#{self[-10..-1].to_s.inspect}"

  "#<#{self.class}:0x#{"%x" % object_id} bytes=#{size} #{content}>"
lit (*args)

Return a LiteralString with the same content if no args are given, otherwise return a SQL::PlaceholderLiteralString with the current string and the given args.

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# File lib/sequel/sql.rb, line 1017
def lit(*args)
  args.empty? ? :, args)
to_sequel_blob ()

Returns self, since it is already a blob.

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# File lib/sequel/sql.rb, line 1036
def to_sequel_blob