Last Update: 2024-04-01 09:04:21 -0700

New Features

  • Dataset#select_prepend has been added for prepending to the currently selected columns:

    # SELECT column, table.*

    As not all databases support “SELECT column, *”, select_prepend qualifies wildcard selections to all tables referenced in the query.

    The only reason to use select_prepend is if you want the hashes returned by Sequel to be in a specific order. Otherwise, it is better to use select_append.

  • On PostgreSQL, Sequel now supports an :unlogged_tables_default Database option, which will default created tables to be UNLOGGED. This can be useful to speedup testing in some cases, but it should never be used in cases where data integrity is important.

Other Improvements

  • On PostgreSQL, Database#create_or_replace_view now supports the :materialized option. This allows for dropping an existing materialized view and creating a new one with the same name (PostgreSQL does not have native support for replacing materialized views).