Last Update: 2023-06-01 07:29:33 -0700

New Features

  • An adapter has been added for the trilogy MySQL driver. One large advantage over mysql2 is that trilogy does not require any MySQL client libraries installed on the machine. The trilogy adapter has basically the same issues/skipped specs as the mysql2 adapter, but it also does not support an application_timezone different than the database_timezone.

  • Model dataset modules now have a model accessor, allowing for code such as:

    class Foo < Sequel::Model
      dataset_module do
        where :kept, Sequel[model.table_name][:discarded_at] => nil


  • The mysql adapter now works with ruby-mysql 4 (the pure-ruby MySQL driver). Note that multi-results support does not work with ruby-mysql 4 (it doesn’t work with mysql2, trilogy, or other Sequel adapters in general).

  • Warnings for unsupported flags are now avoided on ruby-mysql 3.