Last Update: 2023-02-01 09:28:24 -0800


  • The pg_auto_parameterize extension now uses a modified placeholder literalizer for speeding up the generation of SQL queries in the same cases where a standard dataset would use a placeholder literalizer. This can provide a 4% speedup for simple queries, with greater speedups for more complex queries.

  • Database#indexes now returns indexes for partitioned tables on PostgreSQL 11+.

  • MySQL versions not supporting CHECK constraints no longer include :min_value/:max_value schema entries for decimal/numeric columns.

Backwards Compatibility

  • The Dataset::PlaceholderLiterlizer::Record.loader API has changed, it now accepts the Dataset::PlaceholderLiterlizer class to use as the first argument. This makes it easier to create Dataset::PlaceholderLiterlizer subclasses, such as the one now used by the pg_auto_parameterize extension.