Last Update: 2021-12-01 08:33:17 -0800

New Features

  • On PostgreSQL 14+, Dataset#with_recursive now supports :search and :cycle options for result ordering and cycle detection. These use the SEARCH and CYCLE clauses added in PostgreSQL 14:

      DB[:i1].where(parent_id: nil),
      DB[:i1].join(:t, id: :parent_id).select_all(:i1),
      search: {by: :id, type: :breadth},
      cycle: {columns: :id, cycle_value: 1, noncycle_value: 2})
    #     SELECT * FROM i1 WHERE (parent_id IS NULL)
    #     UNION ALL
    #     (SELECT i1.* FROM i1 INNER JOIN t ON (t.id = i1.parent_id))
    #   )
    #   SEARCH BREADTH FIRST BY id SET ordercol
    #   CYCLE id SET is_cycle TO 1 DEFAULT 2 USING path
  • On MySQL, column schema hashes now contain an :extra entry, which contains the Extra string returned in MySQL’s DESCRIBE results for the column.

Other Improvements

  • When eager loading via the tactical_eager_loading plugin, objects that already have an association loaded will not have it reloaded unless the :eager_reload option is given.

  • When cloning an association and using a different :class option than the cloned association, the :class option given when cloning will now take precedence over the :class option for the cloned association.

  • When using the mock postgres adapter, the adapter defaults to supporting PostgreSQL 14 (previously, it defaulted to supporting PostgreSQL 9.5).

  • Sequel now avoids a method redefined warning in the lazy attributes plugin in verbose warnings mode.


  • Sequel’s primary discussion forum is now GitHub Discussions. The sequel-talk Google Group is still available for users who would prefer to use that instead.