Last Update: 2019-10-01 08:03:41 -0700

New Features

  • An association_multi_add_remove plugin has been added. This plugin adds a shortcut for adding or removing multiple associated objects in a single method call:

    Artist.plugin :association_multi_add_remove
    Artist.many_to_one :albums
    Artist[1].add_albums([Album[2], Album[3]])
    Artist[1].remove_albums([Album[4], Album[5]])

    It also offers a setter method, which will add and remove associated objects as necessary:

    Artist[1].albums = [Album[3], Album[4]]

Other Improvements

  • The sharding plugin now integrates with the server_block extension. This makes it so if you retrieve a model instance inside a with_server block, saving the model instance will save it back to the shard from which it was retrieved.

  • Setting a default for a column on Microsoft SQL Server now works correctly if the column already has a default.

  • Sequel::SQL::NumericMethods#coerce no longer raises NoMethodError if the super method is not defined. This fixes some cases when comparing Date/DateTime instances to Sequel objects.

  • The csv_serializer plugin now avoids keyword argument separation issues on Ruby 2.7+.