Last Update: 2019-04-02 09:28:47 -0700

New Features

  • A Database#rename_enum_value method has been added to the pg_enum extension. It is supported on PostgreSQL 10+:

    DB.rename_enum_value(:enum_type, 'old_name', 'new_name')

Other Improvements

  • The performance of row fetching and type conversion in the sqlanywhere adapter has been improved.

  • The performance of row fetching in the sqlite adapter has been improved.

  • Calling Database#drop_table now drops any constraint validations metadata for the table if using the constraint_validations extension. However, modifying the table using Database#alter_table does not affect the constraint validations metadata.

  • The sqlite adapter when used with ruby-sqlite3 1.4.0+ now uses SQLite extended result codes for a more accurate determination of specific database errors types.

  • Performance for typecasting to decimal and floats has been improved slightly.

  • Performance when merging hashes has been improved slightly.