Last Update: 2019-03-01 05:59:39 -0800

New Features

  • A throw_failures plugin has been added for throwing ValidationFailed and HookFailed exceptions instead of raising them. This can improve performance by up to 10x on JRuby and 10-15% on CRuby. However, you would need to modify your exception handling from:

      # model.save
    rescue Sequel::ValidationFailed => e
      # handle failure


    e = catch(Sequel::ValidationFailed) do
      # model.save
    if e.is_a?(Sequel::ValidationFailed)
      # handle failure

    The throw_failures plugin will still work if you are not catching the exception, falling back to the default behavior of raising the exception.

  • SQL::Blob.call has been added, so that SQL::Blob can be used directly as a callable to create a new instance, resulting in better performance in cases where a callable is needed.

Other Improvements

  • Type conversion is many adapters is now faster by switching from Proc/Method instances to using singleton call methods on plain objects. This can improve performance of row fetching by up to 10% in some cases.

  • Row fetching is slightly faster in the jdbc and sqlite adapters, by switching from each to while.

  • tzinfo 2 is now supported when using the named_timezones extension. tzinfo 1 remains supported.

  • The optimized Dataset#paged_each methods in the postgres and mysql2 adapters now support being called without a block, returning an Enumerator in that case, to mirror the behavior of the default Dataset#paged_each method.

  • Sequel no longer uses flow-control exceptions in the connection_expiration and connection_validator extensions, significantly improving performance on JRuby.

  • The after_initialize plugin no longer makes the argument to Model.call optional.

Backwards Compatibility

  • Some internal by not private constants and methods previously used for type conversion in adapters have been removed:

    • JDBC::Oracle.OracleDecimal

    • JDBC::Oracle.OracleClob

    • JDBC::Postgres.RubyPGArray

    • JDBC::Postgres.RubyPGHstore

    • JDBC::SqlAnywhere.SqlAnywhereBoolean

    • JDBC::SQLServer.MSSQLRubyTime


    • Postgres::TYPE_TRANSLATOR