Last Update: 2019-02-01 08:14:28 -0800

New Features

  • An instance-level skip_auto_validations method has been added to the auto_validations plugin, allowing you to skip all or specific types of auto validations inside the block:

    model_instance.skip_auto_validations(:unique) do
      puts model_instance.valid?
  • A Database :preconnect_extensions option has been added. This option is similar to :extensions, but the extensions are loaded before the :preconnect option is processed. This allows you to use the server_logging extension with the :preconnect option.

  • For specifying custom table aliases when using eager_graph and association_join, you can now use:


    in addition to:

    Sequel.as(:association, :table_alias)

Other Improvements

  • The ado/mssql adapter now retrieves the number of deleted or updated rows for a query without issuing a separate query.

  • Sequel now avoids the use of Proc.new with an implicit block, as that feature will be deprecated starting in Ruby 2.7.