Last Update: 2013-10-02 14:34:47 -0700

New Features

  • The tree and rcte_tree plugins now support composite keys.

  • An error_sql Database extension has been added. This extension adds the DatabaseError#sql method, which should return the database query that caused the error. This is useful for drivers that don’t include the SQL used as part of the error message.

Other Improvements

  • Empty blobs are now literalized correctly on MySQL.

  • Empty arrays are now literalized correctly on PostgreSQL <8.4.

  • In the pagination extension, Dataset#page_count is now 1 even if the dataset is empty. This fixes issues with last_page? and page_range returning bad values for empty datasets.

  • In the pagination extension, calling Dataset#each_page without a block now returns an Enumerator.

  • Dataset#qualify and Sequel.delay now work together, qualifying the object returned by the delayed evaluation.

  • Migrator.migrator_class is now a public method.

  • The PostgreSQL citext type is now recognized as a string.

  • Another disconnect error is now recognized in the jdbc/as400 adapter.

  • Guides about using and creating Sequel extensions and model plugins have been added.

Backwards Compatibility

  • If you were expecting Dataset#page_count on a empty paginated dataset to return 0, you need to update your code.