Last Update: 2014-11-01 10:20:55 -0700

New Features

  • Model#qualified_pk_hash has been added, which is similar to Model#pk_hash, but uses qualified keys.

  • Dataset#distinct now accepts a virtual row block.

  • Database#drop_table with :foreign=>true option now drops foreign tables on PostgreSQL. Database#create_table with :foreign option is now reversible on PostgreSQL.

Other Improvements

  • Sequel::Model.cache_associations = false now skips the database’s schema cache when loading the schema for a model. This fixes some issues in environments that use code reloading.

  • Database#create_table? and create_join_table? no longer use IF NOT EXISTS if indexes are being created.

  • Model.primary_key_hash and .qualified_primary_key_hash have been optimized.

  • validates_unique in the validation_helpers plugin now uses a qualified primary key if the model’s dataset is joined. This fixes a case when the auto_validations and class_table_inheritance plugins are used together.

  • Disconnect errors are now recognized in the postgres adapter when SSL is used for connecting.

  • Empty string default values are no longer converted to nil default values on MySQL.

  • Database#foreign_key_list now works correctly on Microsoft SQL Server 2005.