module Sequel::Model::Associations::SingularAssociationReflection

  1. lib/sequel/model/associations.rb

Methods that turn an association that returns multiple objects into an association that returns a single object.

Public Instance methods


Singular associations do not assign singular if they are using the ruby eager limit strategy and have a slice range, since they need to store the array of associated objects in order to pick the correct one with an offset.

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     # File lib/sequel/model/associations.rb
1167 def assign_singular?
1168   super && (eager_limit_strategy != :ruby || !slice_range)
1169 end

Add conditions when filtering by singular associations with orders, since the underlying relationship is probably not one-to-one.

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     # File lib/sequel/model/associations.rb
1173 def filter_by_associations_add_conditions?
1174   super || self[:order] || self[:eager_limit_strategy] || self[:filter_limit_strategy]
1175 end

Make sure singular associations always have 1 as the limit

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     # File lib/sequel/model/associations.rb
1178 def limit_and_offset
1179   r = super
1180   if r.first == 1
1181     r
1182   else
1183     [1, r[1]]
1184   end
1185 end

Singular associations always return a single object, not an array.

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     # File lib/sequel/model/associations.rb
1188 def returns_array?
1189   false
1190 end