class Sequel::MassAssignmentRestriction

  1. lib/sequel/model/exceptions.rb
Superclass: Error

Raised when a mass assignment method is called in strict mode with either a restricted column or a column without a setter method.


Public Class

  1. create

Public Instance

  1. column
  2. model


column [R]

The column related to this exception, as a string.

model [R]

The Sequel::Model object related to this exception.

Public Class methods

create(msg, model, column)

Create an instance of this class with the model and column set.

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   # File lib/sequel/model/exceptions.rb
37 def self.create(msg, model, column)
38   e = new("#{msg} for class #{model.class.inspect}")
39   e.instance_variable_set(:@model, model)
40   e.instance_variable_set(:@column, column)
41   e
42 end