module Sequel::Dataset::EmulatePreparedStatementMethods

  1. lib/sequel/dataset/prepared_statements.rb

Prepared statements emulation support for adapters that don't support native prepared statements. Uses a placeholder literalizer to hold the prepared sql with the ability to interpolate arguments to prepare the final SQL string.


Public Instance

  1. run

Included modules

  1. UnnumberedArgumentMapper

Public Instance methods

run (&block)
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    # File lib/sequel/dataset/prepared_statements.rb
273 def run(&block)
274   if @opts[:prepared_sql_frags]
275     sql = literal([:prepared_sql_frags], @opts[:bind_arguments], false))
276     clone(:prepared_sql_frags=>nil, :sql=>sql, :prepared_sql=>sql).run(&block)
277   else
278     super
279   end
280 end