module Sequel::Dataset::EmulatePreparedStatementMethods

  1. lib/sequel/dataset/prepared_statements.rb

Prepared statements emulation support for adapters that don’t support native prepared statements. Uses a placeholder literalizer to hold the prepared sql with the ability to interpolate arguments to prepare the final SQL string.


Public Instance

  1. run

Included modules

  1. UnnumberedArgumentMapper

Public Instance methods

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    # File lib/sequel/dataset/prepared_statements.rb
275 def run(&block)
276   if @opts[:prepared_sql_frags]
277     sql = literal([:prepared_sql_frags], @opts[:bind_arguments], false))
278     clone(:prepared_sql_frags=>nil, :sql=>sql, :prepared_sql=>sql).run(&block)
279   else
280     super
281   end
282 end