class Sequel::SimpleMigration

  1. lib/sequel/extensions/migration.rb
Superclass: Object

Migration class used by the Sequel.migration DSL, using instances for each migration, unlike the Migration class, which uses subclasses for each migration. Part of the migration extension.


Public Class

  1. new

Public Instance

  1. apply
  2. down
  3. up
  4. use_transactions


down [RW]

Proc used for the down action

up [RW]

Proc used for the up action

use_transactions [RW]

Whether to use transactions for this migration, default depends on the database.

Public Class methods


Don’t set transaction use by default.

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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/migration.rb
101 def initialize
102   @use_transactions = nil
103 end

Public Instance methods

apply(db, direction)

Apply the appropriate block on the Database instance using instance_exec.

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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/migration.rb
107 def apply(db, direction)
108   raise(ArgumentError, "Invalid migration direction specified (#{direction.inspect})") unless [:up, :down].include?(direction)
109   if prok = public_send(direction)
110     db.instance_exec(&prok)
111   end
112 end