class Sequel::Postgres::PGMultiRange::Creator

  1. lib/sequel/extensions/pg_multirange.rb
Superclass: Object

Callable object that takes the input string and parses it using Parser.


Public Class

  1. new

Public Instance

  1. call
  2. type


type [R]

The database type to set on the PGMultiRange instances returned.

Public Class methods

new(type, converter=nil)
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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/pg_multirange.rb
 98 def initialize(type, converter=nil)
 99   @type = type
100   @converter = converter
101 end

Public Instance methods


Parse the string using Parser with the appropriate converter, and return a PGMultiRange with the appropriate database type.

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    # File lib/sequel/extensions/pg_multirange.rb
106 def call(string)
107, @converter).parse, @type)
108 end