module Sequel::Postgres::ExtendedIntegerSupport

  1. lib/sequel/extensions/pg_extended_integer_support.rb


Public Instance

  1. integer_outside_bigint_range_strategy

Public Instance methods


Set the strategy for handling integers outside PostgreSQL bigint range. Supported values:


Quote the integer value. PostgreSQL will treat the integer as a unknown type, implicitly casting to any other type as needed. This is the default value when using the pg_extended_integer_support extension.


Raise error when attempting to literalize the integer (the default behavior of Sequel on PostgreSQL when not using the pg_extended_integer_support extension).


Use raw integer value without quoting. PostgreSQL will treat the integer as a numeric. This was Sequel’s historical behavior, but it is unlikely to be desired.

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   # File lib/sequel/extensions/pg_extended_integer_support.rb
94 def integer_outside_bigint_range_strategy(strategy)
95   clone(:integer_outside_bigint_range_strategy=>strategy)
96 end