module Sequel::Plugins::SerializationModificationDetection

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/serialization_modification_detection.rb

This plugin extends the serialization plugin and enables it to detect changes in serialized values by checking whether the current deserialized value is the same as the original deserialized value. The serialization plugin does not do such checks by default, as they often aren’t needed and can hurt performance.

Note that for this plugin to work correctly, the values you are serializing must roundtrip correctly (i.e. deserialize(serialize(value)) should equal value). This is true in most cases, but not in all. For example, ruby symbols round trip through yaml, but not json (as they get turned into strings in json).


require 'sequel'
require 'json'
class User < Sequel::Model
  plugin :serialization, :json, :permissions
  plugin :serialization_modification_detection
user = User.create(permissions: {})
user.permissions[:global] = 'read-only'


Public Class

  1. apply

Public Class methods


Load the serialization plugin automatically.

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   # File lib/sequel/plugins/serialization_modification_detection.rb
30 def self.apply(model)
31   model.plugin :serialization
32 end