module Sequel::Plugins::CsvSerializer::InstanceMethods

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/csv_serializer.rb


Public Instance

  1. from_csv
  2. to_csv

Public Instance methods

from_csv(csv, opts = OPTS)

Update the object using the data provided in the first line in CSV. Options:


The headers to use for the CSV line. Use nil for a header to specify the column should be ignored.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/csv_serializer.rb
149 def from_csv(csv, opts = OPTS)
150   row = CsvSerializer.csv_call(:parse_line, csv, model.process_csv_serializer_opts(opts)).to_hash
151   row.delete(nil)
152   set(row)
153 end
to_csv(opts = OPTS)

Return a string in CSV format. Accepts the same options as, as well as the following options:


Symbol or Array of Symbols of columns not to include in the CSV output.


Symbol or Array of Symbols of columns to include in the CSV output, ignoring all other columns


Symbol or Array of Symbols specifying non-column attributes to include in the CSV output.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/csv_serializer.rb
164 def to_csv(opts = OPTS)
165   opts = model.process_csv_serializer_opts(opts)
166   headers = opts[:headers]
168   CsvSerializer.csv_call(:generate, model.process_csv_serializer_opts(opts)) do |csv|
169     csv <<{|k| public_send(k)}
170   end
171 end