module Sequel::Plugins::CsvSerializer::DatasetMethods

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/csv_serializer.rb


Public Instance

  1. to_csv

Public Instance methods

to_csv(opts = OPTS)

Return a CSV string representing an array of all objects in this dataset. Takes the same options as the instance method, and passes them to every instance. Accepts the same options as, as well as the following options:


An array of instances. If this is not provided, calls all on the receiver to get the array.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/csv_serializer.rb
182 def to_csv(opts = OPTS)
183   opts = model.process_csv_serializer_opts({:columns=>columns}.merge!(opts))
184   items = opts.delete(:array) || self
185   headers = opts[:headers]
187   CsvSerializer.csv_call(:generate, opts) do |csv|
188     items.each do |object|
189       csv <<{|header| object.public_send(header)}
190     end
191   end
192 end