module Sequel::Postgres

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  2. lib/sequel/adapters/shared/postgres.rb
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Top level module for holding all PostgreSQL-related modules and classes for Sequel. All adapters that connect to PostgreSQL support the following options:


Change the minimum level of messages that PostgreSQL will send to the the client. The PostgreSQL default is NOTICE, the Sequel default is WARNING. Set to nil to not change the server default. Overridable on a per instance basis via the :client_min_messages option.


Set to false to not force the use of standard strings. Overridable on a per instance basis via the :force_standard_strings option.


Set the schema search_path for this Database's connections. Allows to to set which schemas do not need explicit qualification, and in which order to check the schemas when an unqualified object is referenced.


MINUS_INFINITY = -1.0/0.0  
NAN = 0.0/0.0  
PGError = PG::Error if defined?(PG::Error)  
PGconn = PG::Connection if defined?(PG::Connection)  
PGresult = PG::Result if defined?(PG::Result)  
PLUS_INFINITY = 1.0/0.0  
TYPE_TRANSLATOR_DATE = date.freeze  
USES_PG = true  

Public Class methods

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   # File lib/sequel/adapters/shared/postgres.rb
88 def self.mock_adapter_setup(db)
89   db.instance_exec do
90     @server_version = 90500
91     initialize_postgres_adapter
92     extend(MockAdapterDatabaseMethods)
93   end
94 end

Whether the given sequel_pg version integer is supported.

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   # File lib/sequel/adapters/postgres.rb
37 def self.sequel_pg_version_supported?(version)
38   version >= 10617
39 end