Last Update: 2022-09-01 07:52:17 -0700

New Features

  • The date_arithmetic extension now supports arbitrary expressions as interval values on PostgreSQL 9.4+. Previously, only integers were supported for the interval values.

Other Improvements

  • Most Kernel#respond_to? calls have been converted to equivalent defined? calls for better performance. defined? is a keyword and is about 50% faster for the same behavior.

  • The is_distinct_from extension now supports the IS DISTINCT FROM syntax natively on SQLite 3.39+, instead of emulating it.

  • HAVING without GROUP BY is now supported on SQLite 3.39+.

  • Coverage testing has been significantly expanded. Previously, the core, model, plugin, and extension code had 100% line/branch coverage. 100% line/branch coverage has been added for the core extensions, bin/sequel, and the postgres adapter with the pg driver.