module Sequel::Deprecation

  1. lib/sequel/deprecated.rb

This module makes it easy to print deprecation warnings with optional backtraces to a given stream. There are a two accessors you can use to change how/where the deprecation methods are printed and whether/how backtraces should be included:

Sequel::Deprecation.output = $stderr # print deprecation messages to standard error (default)
Sequel::Deprecation.output ='deprecated_calls.txt', 'wb') # use a file instead
Sequel::Deprecation.output = false # do not output deprecation messages

Sequel::Deprecation.prefix = "SEQUEL DEPRECATION WARNING: " # prefix deprecation messages with a given string (default)
Sequel::Deprecation.prefix = false # do not prefix deprecation messages

Sequel::Deprecation.backtrace_filter = false # don't include backtraces
Sequel::Deprecation.backtrace_filter = true # include full backtraces
Sequel::Deprecation.backtrace_filter = 10 # include 10 backtrace lines (default)
Sequel::Deprecation.backtrace_filter = 1 # include 1 backtrace line
Sequel::Deprecation.backtrace_filter = lambda{|line, line_no| line_no < 3 || line =~ /my_app/} # select backtrace lines to output


backtrace_filter [RW]

How to filter backtraces. false does not include backtraces, true includes full backtraces, an Integer includes that number of backtrace lines, and a proc is called with the backtrace line and line number to select the backtrace lines to include. The default is 10 backtrace lines.

output [RW]

Where deprecation messages should be output, must respond to puts. $stderr by default.

prefix [RW]

Where deprecation messages should be prefixed with (“SEQUEL DEPRECATION WARNING: ” by default).

Public Class methods

deprecate(method, instead=nil)

Print the message and possibly backtrace to the output.

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   # File lib/sequel/deprecated.rb
40 def self.deprecate(method, instead=nil)
41   return unless output
42   message = instead ? "#{method} is deprecated and will be removed in Sequel 6.  #{instead}." : method
43   message = "#{prefix}#{message}" if prefix
44   output.puts(message)
45   case b = backtrace_filter
46   when Integer
47     caller.each do |c|
48       b -= 1
49       output.puts(c)
50       break if b <= 0
51     end
52   when true
53     caller.each{|c| output.puts(c)}
54   when Proc
55     caller.each_with_index{|line, line_no| output.puts(line) if, line_no)}
56   end
57   nil
58 end
deprecate_constant(mod, constant)

If using ruby 2.3+, use Module#deprecate_constant to deprecate the constant, otherwise do nothing as the ruby implementation does not support constant deprecation.

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   # File lib/sequel/deprecated.rb
62 def self.deprecate_constant(mod, constant)
63   # :nocov:
64   if RUBY_VERSION > '2.3'
65   # :nocov:
66     mod.deprecate_constant(constant)
67   end
68 end