Last Update: 2023-12-06 16:41:40 -0800

The pg_timestamptz extension changes the default timestamp type for the database to be timestamptz (timestamp with time zone) instead of timestamp (timestamp without time zone). This is recommended if you are dealing with multiple timezones in your application.

If you are using the auto_cast_date_and_time extension, the pg_timestamptz extension will automatically cast Time and DateTime values to TIMESTAMP WITH TIME ZONE instead of TIMESTAMP.

To load the extension into the database:

DB.extension :pg_timestamptz

To load the extension into individual datasets:

ds = ds.extension(:pg_timestamptz)

Note that the loading into individual datasets only affects the integration with the auto_cast_date_and_time extension.

Related modules: Sequel::Postgres::Timestamptz, Sequel::Postgres::TimestamptzDatasetMethods