module Sequel::Plugins::XmlSerializer::InstanceMethods

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/xml_serializer.rb


Public Instance

  1. from_xml
  2. from_xml_node
  3. to_xml

Public Instance methods

from_xml(xml, opts=OPTS)

Update the contents of this instance based on the given XML. Accepts the following options:


Proc or Hash that accepts a string and returns a string, used to convert tag names to column or association names.


Sets the :name_proc option to one that calls underscore on the input string. Requires that you load the inflector extension or another library that adds String#underscore.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/xml_serializer.rb
211 def from_xml(xml, opts=OPTS)
212   from_xml_node(Nokogiri::XML(xml).children.first, opts)
213 end
from_xml_node(parent, opts=OPTS)

Update the contents of this instance based on the given XML node, which should be a Nokogiri::XML::Node instance. By default, just calls set with a hash created from the content of the node.



Indicates that the associations cache should be updated by creating a new associated object using data from the hash. Should be a Symbol for a single association, an array of symbols for multiple associations, or a hash with symbol keys and dependent association option hash values.


Changes the behavior to call set_fields using the provided fields, instead of calling set.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/xml_serializer.rb
225 def from_xml_node(parent, opts=OPTS)
226   unless parent
227     raise Error, "Malformed XML used"
228   end
229   if !parent.children.empty? && parent.children.all?{|node| node.is_a?(Nokogiri::XML::Text)}
230     raise Error, "XML consisting of just text nodes used"
231   end
233   if assocs = opts[:associations]
234     assocs = case assocs
235     when Symbol
236       {assocs=>OPTS}
237     when Array
238       assocs_tmp = {}
239       assocs.each{|v| assocs_tmp[v] = OPTS}
240       assocs_tmp
241     when Hash
242       assocs
243     else
244       raise Error, ":associations should be Symbol, Array, or Hash if present"
245     end
247     assocs_hash = {}
248     assocs.each{|k,v| assocs_hash[k.to_s] = v}
249     assocs_present = []
250   end
252   hash = {}
253   populate_associations = {}
254   name_proc = model.xml_deserialize_name_proc(opts)
255   parent.children.each do |node|
256     next if node.is_a?(Nokogiri::XML::Text)
257     k = name_proc[]
258     if assocs_hash && assocs_hash[k]
259       assocs_present << [k.to_sym, node]
260     else
261       hash[k] = node.key?('nil') ? nil : node.children.first.to_s
262     end
263   end
265   if assocs_present
266     assocs_present.each do |assoc, node|
267       assoc_opts = assocs[assoc]
269       unless r = model.association_reflection(assoc)
270         raise Error, "Association #{assoc} is not defined for #{model}"
271       end
273       populate_associations[assoc] = if r.returns_array?
274         node.children.reject{|c| c.is_a?(Nokogiri::XML::Text)}.map{|c| r.associated_class.from_xml_node(c, assoc_opts)}
275       else
276         r.associated_class.from_xml_node(node, assoc_opts)
277       end
278     end
279   end
281   if fields = opts[:fields]
282     set_fields(hash, fields, opts)
283   else
284     set(hash)
285   end
287   populate_associations.each do |assoc, values|
288     associations[assoc] = values
289   end
291   self
292 end

Return a string in XML format. If a block is given, yields the XML builder object so you can add additional XML tags. Accepts the following options:


The builder instance used to build the XML, which should be an instance of Nokogiri::XML::Node. This is necessary if you are serializing entire object graphs, like associated objects.


Options to pass to the Nokogiri::XML::Builder initializer, if the :builder option is not provided.


Sets the :name_proc option to one that calls camelize on the input string. Requires that you load the inflector extension or another library that adds String#camelize.


Sets the :name_proc option to one that calls dasherize on the input string. Requires that you load the inflector extension or another library that adds String#dasherize.


The encoding to use for the XML output, passed to the Nokogiri::XML::Builder initializer.


Symbol or Array of Symbols of columns not to include in the XML output.


Symbol, Array of Symbols, or a Hash with Symbol keys and Hash values specifying associations or other non-column attributes to include in the XML output. Using a nested hash, you can pass options to associations to affect the XML used for associated objects.


Proc or Hash that accepts a string and returns a string, used to format tag names.


Symbol or Array of Symbols of columns to only include in the JSON output, ignoring all other columns.


The base name to use for the XML tag that contains the data for this instance. This will be the name of the root node if you are only serializing a single object, but not if you are serializing an array of objects using Model.to_xml or Dataset#to_xml.


Set to true to include type information for all of the columns, pulled from the db_schema.

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    # File lib/sequel/plugins/xml_serializer.rb
332 def to_xml(opts=OPTS)
333   vals = values
334   types = opts[:types]
335   inc = opts[:include]
337   cols = if only = opts[:only]
338     Array(only)
339   else
340     vals.keys - Array(opts[:except])
341   end
343   name_proc = model.xml_serialize_name_proc(opts)
344   x = model.xml_builder(opts)
345   x.public_send(name_proc[opts.fetch(:root_name, model.send(:underscore,'/', '__')).to_s]) do |x1|
346     cols.each do |c|
347       attrs = {}
348       if types
349         attrs[:type] = db_schema.fetch(c, OPTS)[:type]
350       end
351       v = vals[c]
352       if v.nil?
353         attrs[:nil] = ''
354       end
355       x1.public_send(name_proc[c.to_s], v, attrs)
356     end
357     if inc.is_a?(Hash)
358       inc.each{|k, v| to_xml_include(x1, k, v)}
359     else
360       Array(inc).each{|i| to_xml_include(x1, i)}
361     end
362     yield x1 if defined?(yield)
363   end
364   x.to_xml
365 end