module Sequel::Plugins::ValidationClassMethods

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/validation_class_methods.rb

Sequel’s built-in validation_class_methods plugin adds backwards compatibility for the legacy class-level validation methods (e.g. validates_presence_of :column).

It is recommended to use the validation_helpers plugin instead of this one, as it is less complex and more flexible. However, this plugin provides reflection support, since it is class-level, while the instance-level validation_helpers plugin does not.


# Add the validation class methods to all model subclasses (called before loading subclasses)
Sequel::Model.plugin :validation_class_methods

# Add the validation class methods to the Album class
Album.plugin :validation_class_methods


Public Class

  1. apply

Public Class methods


Setup the validations hash for the given model.

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   # File lib/sequel/plugins/validation_class_methods.rb
22 def self.apply(model)
23   model.class_eval do
24     @validations = {}
25     @validation_reflections = {}
26   end
27 end