module Sequel::Plugins::Uuid

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/uuid.rb

The uuid plugin creates hooks that automatically create a uuid for every instance.


# Uuid all model instances using +uuid+
# (called before loading subclasses)
Sequel::Model.plugin :uuid

# Uuid Album instances, with custom column name
Album.plugin :uuid, field: :my_uuid


Public Class

  1. configure

Public Class methods

configure (model, opts=OPTS)

Configure the plugin by setting the available options. Note that if this method is run more than once, previous settings are ignored, and it will just use the settings given or the default settings. Options:


The field to hold the uuid (default: :uuid)


Whether to overwrite an existing uuid (default: false)

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# File lib/sequel/plugins/uuid.rb, line 23
def self.configure(model, opts=OPTS)
  model.instance_exec do
    @uuid_field = opts[:field]||:uuid
    @uuid_overwrite = opts[:force]||false