module Sequel::Plugins::PgTypecastOnLoad

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/pg_typecast_on_load.rb

The PgTypecastOnLoad plugin exists because when you connect to PostgreSQL using the do and swift adapters, Sequel doesn't have complete control over typecasting, and may return columns as strings instead of how the native postgres adapter would typecast them. This is mostly needed for the additional support that the pg_* extensions add for advanced PostgreSQL types such as arrays. This plugin is not needed if using the postgres or jdbc/postgresql adapters.

This plugin makes model loading to do the same conversion that the native postgres adapter would do for all columns given. You can either specify the columns to typecast on load in the plugin call itself, or afterwards using add_pg_typecast_on_load_columns:

# aliases => text[] column
# config => hstore column

Album.plugin :pg_typecast_on_load, :aliases, :config
# or:
Album.plugin :pg_typecast_on_load
Album.add_pg_typecast_on_load_columns :aliases, :config

This plugin only handles values that the adapter returns as strings. If the adapter returns a value other than a string, this plugin will have no effect. You may be able to use the regular typecast_on_load plugin to handle those cases.


Public Class

  1. configure

Public Class methods

configure (model, *columns)

Call add_pg_typecast_on_load_columns on the passed column arguments.

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# File lib/sequel/plugins/pg_typecast_on_load.rb, line 33
def self.configure(model, *columns)
  model.instance_eval do
    @pg_typecast_on_load_columns ||= []