module Sequel::Plugins::InvertedSubsets

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/inverted_subsets.rb

The inverted_subsets plugin adds another method for each defined subset, which inverts the condition supplied. By default, inverted subset method names are prefixed with not_.

You can change the prefix, or indeed entirely customise the inverted names, by passing a block to the plugin configuration:

# Use an exclude_ prefix for inverted subsets instead of not_
Album.plugin(:inverted_subsets){|name| "exclude_#{name}"}


# Add inverted subsets in the Album class
Album.plugin :inverted_subsets

# This will now create two methods, published and not_published
Album.subset :published, :published => true

# SELECT * FROM albums WHERE (published IS TRUE)

# SELECT * FROM albums WHERE (published IS NOT TRUE)


Public Class

  1. configure


DEFAULT_NAME_BLOCK = lambda{|name| "not_#{name}"}  

Default naming for inverted subsets

Public Class methods

configure (model, &block)

Store the supplied block for calling later when subsets are defined, or create a default one if we need to.

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# File lib/sequel/plugins/inverted_subsets.rb, line 34
def self.configure(model, &block)
  model.instance_variable_set(:@inverted_subsets_name_block, block || DEFAULT_NAME_BLOCK)