module Sequel::Plugins::AssociationLazyEagerOption

  1. lib/sequel/plugins/association_lazy_eager_option.rb

The association_lazy_eager_option plugin supports passing an :eager option to an association method. If the related association is already cached, the cached version will be returned. If the association is not already cached, it will be loaded, and the value of the :eager option will be used to perform an eager load of the given associations. the plural versions.

With Sequel’s default behavior, you can already perform an eager load when lazy loading using a block:

obj.association{|ds| ds.eager(:nested_association)}

However, this will ignore any cached version. In more complex software, the association may already be cached and have the nested association cached inside of it, and using this callback approach then requires 2 unnecessary queries. This plugin will not perform any queries if the association is already cached, preventing duplicate work. However, you should make sure that an already loaded association has the nested association already eagerly loaded.


# Make all model subclasses support the :eager association
# method option (called before loading subclasses)
Sequel::Model.plugin :association_lazy_eager_option

# Make the Album class support the :eager association
# method option
Album.plugin :association_lazy_eager_option