module Sequel::CallerLogging

  1. lib/sequel/extensions/caller_logging.rb


RUBY_STDLIB = RbConfig::CONFIG["rubylibdir"]  
SEQUEL_LIB_PATH = (File.expand_path('../../..', __FILE__) + '/').freeze  


caller_logging_formatter [RW]

A callable to format the external caller

caller_logging_ignore [RW]

A regexp of caller lines to ignore, in addition to internal Sequel and Ruby code.

Public Instance methods

log_connection_yield(sql, conn, args=nil)

Include caller information when logging query.

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   # File lib/sequel/extensions/caller_logging.rb
49 def log_connection_yield(sql, conn, args=nil)
50   if !@loggers.empty? && (external_caller = external_caller_for_log)
51     sql = "#{external_caller} #{sql}"
52   end
53   super
54 end